RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 (Rksl)

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    Eurofighter Typhoon

    This addon is intended to represent the Royal Air Force's EuroFighter Typhoon FGR4 only. No other national version is included at this time.

    A word about "Realism"
    It includes some features and capabilities that current serving aircraft have not been given yet. We've taken the liberty of trying to represent a fully capable aircraft that can support the widest possible range of weapons and roles. For the RAF's FGR4 at least this level of capability should only be 2-3 years away according to media sources.

    Custom Afterburner (3 activation options):
    - Auto - Hit full throttle and the afterburner activates. Close the throttle and it shuts off.
    - Throttle + Action Menu - Full throttle and an action menu option appears. Close the throttle and it shuts off.
    - Manual - Menu Only. This is the classic On/Off option.
    20 Preset Weapons load outs
    Fully working and Practical HUD:
    - Custom layout i.e. not BIS standards
    - Accurate Pitch ladders
    - Barometric and Radar Altimeters
    Fully animated landing gear including dampers
    Fully animated airbrake
    Animated In Flight Refuelling Probe
    Accurately modelled control Surfaces
    Improved Flight model (over BIS stock aircraft):
    - AI Friendly handling
    - Excellent Short Field capability
    Scripted Vapour Effects
    Integrated Chaff and Flares (RKSL Flare system)
    Wheel brakes
    Brake Chute
    Fully functioning "Bitchin' Betty"
    ArmA2:Combined Arms compatible:
    - RWR enabled
    - Thermal Image maps
    - Locking tones
    Custom Weapons Pack:
    - Supports all current UK weapons
    - Some EU weapons more added later

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